Internships & Experiential Education

Experiential education is crucial to a successful transition from college to career. University of Northwestern has a strong committment to experiential education and internships, and was recently recognized with grant of over $400,000 from Great Lakes Higher Education Corporation to expand our already robust internship program.

Are you a UNW student interested in doing an internship? 

Official internship related information is located on the Internship Portal found on the Calling & Career tab on theROCK. You'll also find information on how to apply for grant-based internship funding. 

Are you an employer looking for UNW interns?

Contact or call 651.631.5265. We'll work with you to establish or grow your internship plan. 


UNW Internship Facts

  • An academic internship is the first professional level work experience for most undergraduate students.
  • More than half of our undergraduate majors have required or elective internships.
  • Approximately 70% of undergraduate students complete at least one internship before graduating.
  • Master of Divinity students complete two years of internship.
  • Students who complete internships have a higher rate of employment upon graduation than students who do not do internships.
  • If you have never looked for a professional level job or internship, you may be surprised at how much work is involved!
  • The Center for Calling & Career coaches students through the process of seeking and securing the internship and provides strategies for getting the maximum benefit from an internship.

UNW Interns Stand Out!

  • 95% of interns exceed employer expectations for Integrity
  • 90% of interns exceed employer expectations in overall performance