Internship Description

How is the internship description used?

The internship description is the first of three critical responsibilities of the Internship Provider in UNW's Academic Internship Program. It is used:

  • by UNW faculty/staff to pre-evaluate a student’s readiness for your position.
  • in the development of the Academic Internship Learning Agreement.
  • by your organization to help clearly define the role of the intern.

Since most labor laws apply to an internship, please use similar considerations as with regular employment.

Please include the following in writing:

  1. Position title (descriptive, working or official)
  2. Supervisor/mentor title and role description
  3. Essential job responsibilities
  4. Minimum and preferred education and experience
  5. Minimum and preferred knowledge, skills and abilities
  6. Critical info (hours, duration, location, compensation—at least paid or unpaid, benefits, housing)
  7. Non-monetary compensation (such as professional conferences, meetings, portfolio development, skills training, use of specialized equipment)
  8. Minimum requirements (education, major, experience, language, licenses/credentials)
  9. Physical, emotional, mental demands (consider time and organizational management, safety, etc.)

Please specify learning opportunities:

  1. Identify key industry skills and knowledge to be gained or exercised
  2. Team participation
  3. Portfolio or project development
  4. Orientation and training
  5. Cross departmental experiences

University of Northwestern's Career Development would be pleased to assist you during any stage of the internship! Please contact Ali O'Reilly, Experiential Education Specialist, at 651-631-5145 or